Sport enriches life. The urge to play sport is a divine gift, a vibrant, God-honoring pursuit in the lives of Christians regardless of race, gender, physical and intellectual ability, or sexuality. But like all such gifts, without purposeful stewardship it can be separated from its divine intent. This call to stewardship is essential in a society where sport is often distorted by moral relativism and an unhealthy fixation on winning. Compounding this problem is the human tendency for our love of sport to easily morph into idolatry.

The call for Christians to be a faithful presence in sport has never been more urgent. Concerned by the state of sport and the failure of the broader Christian community to engage the sport culture, The Sport and Christianity Group, a small gathering of coaches, administrators, theologians, and academics met in Raleigh, North Carolina in January 2013. The intent was to draft a “Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life” affirming a Christian position on sport that would be endorsed by the global Christian community. Additional revisions of the Declaration were made at follow-up meetings in Waco, Texas in June 2013 and in Grand Rapids, Michigan in June 2014 based on feedback the group solicited from individuals and focus groups.

Mission of Sport and Christianity

This Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life is intended to encourage dialogue and invite action from Christians, leaders of Christian institutions and Christian influencers in the sports world. The Sport and Christianity Group calls for all followers of Christ to stand with us in an effort to be a faithful presence in the world of sport by endorsing and acting upon the principles found in the Declaration.

Vision of Sport and Christianity

The Sport & Christianity is a group of Christian coaches, administrators, theologians, and academics who seek to affirm a Christian understanding of sport and practice a faithful presence in culture.  We seek to accomplish this by encouraging constructive discourse that leads to corrective action through our Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life.