“Coaches, players and parents often begin and end with X’s and O’s when determining excellence in sports. This Declaration gets behind the technical and tactical aspects of performance by beginning with the Y’s. It grounds the ensuing discussion and debate about what is good and true in sports in grander purposes related to God, others, self and the world we inhabit. This Declaration offers a wisdom-based approach to thinking about how sports can transform lives over against a transactional approach; i.e., a leadership style which uses the people of sports, all for personal validation, status and identity. I enthusiastically recommend and support such a vision.”

Joe Ehrmann

“Since 1977 I have served in the sports world in the United Kingdom as an official club chaplain – consecutively to two professional football (soccer) clubs – and in pioneering chaplaincy in UK sport inter-denominationally, and sometimes, beyond the UK, in serving at major international sports events. How vital it is that Christians are able to consider and comprehend Christian perspectives on aspects of amateur and professional sport, and ensure that there is congruency between what they think and say about faith, and how faith is expressed in the living of their lives. And how vital, too, that we encourage Christians to be unafraid of entering into, and engaging with, the world of sport, and that they are resourced and supported in living appropriately for Christ in what is often a ‘not-too-Godly’ culture! How wonderful when team coaches,  managers and team mates pick out Christians as those who are reliable, dependable, trustworthy, responsible, wholesome, and who walk their talk! I therefore wholeheartedly endorse the aims of the Sport and Christianity Group who have developed the ‘Declaration on Sport and Christian Life’.”

Rev. John Boyers