“Sport is one of those dominant cultural phenomena that sort of ‘recruits’ us without us realizing it—whether it’s the Sunday rituals of passive spectatorship or the ways that amateur athletics organize the lives of entire families. Theoretical reflection on this, especially theological reflection, has lagged behind these realities for too long. This Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life is a call from thoughtful coaches, practitioners, and scholars to remedy this situation. It is a welcome beginning to a conversation that needs to grow.

Dr. James K.A. Smith

“The predominant themes for sport participation in our society are individualism and relativism.  Each person claims the right to choose their own form of sport enjoyment without a specific moral standard for their choice of activity or their behavior as they participate in that activity. The Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life recognizes an absolute standard for our choices and behavior in sport. It provides a wonderful basis for discussions regarding how our Christian faith informs our competitive sport experiences. I enthusiastically endorse the Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life.”

Dr. Tom Visker