“It is wonderful to see serious intellectual inquiries into the nature of sports and also the nature of Christianity, and how these two might nourish each other, or harm each other — have multiplied during the last fifty years. And how much deeper and more sophisticated the worldwide discussion has become. The ‘Declaration on Sport and Christian Life’ invites us to solidify clarities already achieved, to raise new questions, and to seek best practices in the two realms we love: Christian faith and the athletic agon.”

Dr. Michael Novak

“My experience of participating as an Olympian, and a Chaplain to Olympians, has broadened my perspective on the need for understanding the whole-person concept of being created in the image of God, i.e., spirit, mind and body. The “Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life” succinctly communicates how faith and sport interact in the sports world and the world-at-large. Many have argued that sport and faith oppose one another and do not fit in the same sentence, much less, the same arenas. The Declaration addresses this point of view and offers options that are thought provoking to one’s belief. I wholeheartedly endorse this Christian perspective on ‘Sport and the Christian Life’ from an athlete’s and chaplain’s point of view.”

Chaplain Madeline Manning Mims